You select the tour that you want to manage, by click "GET AVAILABILITY"

Please note, if the selected tour has no booking you will get a message that no booking is for this tour.

  • If a tour has booking (for one day or many different days) you start by click "ASSIGN VEHICLES"
  • It will then show you a list of available vehicles, (you canĀ“t allocate the same vehicle on more than one tour at each time).
  • You select a vehicle that you want to use that tour and then click "SUBMIT"
  • Then you select "ASSIGN DRIVER", it will show you a list of available drivers that are free for the current tour.
  • Next step is to "ASSIGN TRAVELLERS", you see the list of travellers that should be on the current tour, you select them all and click "SUBMIT".
  • Now you can click "VIEW VEHICLES" to view driver, travellers and seats left in the bus.
  • If you click "NOTIFY ALL", both driver and travellers get notification of upcoming tour, where the name of the driver and license plate number of the vehicle that will pick-up the travellers can be seen.
  • "DOWNLOAD LIST" you can download .pdf to send via email or print out for the driver to use during pick-up.

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