To get your newest bookings, please click and then click “Export to spreadsheet”, Bokun will send you an email with .xlsx attachment.

Please note, that you will have to select in "Lates activity" and click "Search" and also look if you see in "Created", Modified or Cancelled, if there is also in "Modified" or "Created" the best way is to export then from this URL:

You import that attachment in "Manage Travellers" in the portal. No need is for you to open the .xlsx file to change it, you just save it to your computer or cloud and then upload to the portal by click "Choose File" and then click "UPLOAD".

In some cases we see that export does fail, and most likely is that the .xlsx file does have a wrong column header in the sheet. e.g.

See the video how to Export the tours from Bokun and import to Expluria portal

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